Boycott Fast Fashion: Why It's Time To Shop Consciously

It's time to say no to the five dollar t-shirt.

Discovering the world of sustainable, ethical and slow fashion didn’t happen in a day for me. It started when I was researching Zara’s business model in high school for an economics class - fun tip they actually created ‘fast fashion’ as a result of their supply chain model. Over the years, I’ve learned something new everyday by choosing to actively stay engaged in this community. But I also remember how overwhelmed I was initially with the abundance of resources online. So I want to share with you my favourite content pieces - sort of like a hub of resources that had the most impact on me! Hopefully this will make it easier for you to dive in to these conversations without feeling overwhelmed. Let’s dive in!


Eva Kruse on TedxCopenhagen: Changing the world through fashion

Eva Kruse has built a career in the fashion industry. She speaks to how the little things each individuals do, does matter. Her background in fashion highlights an interesting perspective on the truth that consumers will never stop buying - “we will never buy fashion to save the world”. So the solution is a balance of the industry itself focusing on utilizing technology to change the way we consume, both in how clothes are made and gotten rid of, and in consumers pushing for sustainable options.

I love this because I believe it’ll take conscious effort from both businesses and consumers to change this industry, until these ‘options’ are no longer alternatives - they become first choice.

A Documentary On The Real Price of Fast Fashion: The True Cost

Following the pivotal Rana Plaza incident in 2013, this documentary follows the impact of materialism and globalization and how they affect the environment and the lives of workers from around the world. Diving into the unsustainable business models of the fashion industry, The True Cost  uncovers the untold story of who’s really paying the price for our cheap clothes.

An Entertaining Yet Informative Video On Consumerism: The Story of Stuff

This is a super fast-paced but fun video highlighting consumerism and the true story of our stuff. It uncovers the issues of how our typical cradle-to-grave system of consumption, a linear system relying on infinite resources, is unsustainable because we live on a finite earth.


The Business of Fashion: Sustainability Building Credibility

A look into the business side of the industry and what changes are happening related to sustainability. Businesses are realizing the need to shift focus on circular economies, and how sustainability can no longer be an afterthought to their strategy.

The BoF Podcast: Stella McCartney Talks Future Where ‘Everything Is At Stake’

Stella McCartney has been a leader in the designer landscape, specifically in ethical fashion. As the international political climate remains volatile, she chats about what’s important to remember, in order to unify the industry towards sustainable goals.

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