How To: Shop Sustainably

I remember the first time googling ‘how do I become a sustainable shopper” - it was so overwhelming. There seems to be so much information out there but no definitive right way to do things. So I want you to remember, the important thing is that you’re here and exploring how you can be more sustainable!

I’ve learned that there are so many layers to sustainability - so many ways you can lessen your impact on the environment, all equally important, some easier than others to implement. The following two diagrams were super helpful guidelines when I first got into this, so I’m sharing them with you! Also throwing in a few things to consider when you're deciding to purchase something new for your wardrobe.

The Buyerarchy of Needs

I love this diagram because it breaks down the sources of clothing you should turn to before buying something new. In a sense, the bottom layer is the foundation of your wardrobe, and each additional layer should make up less and less of your wardrobe (see how the smallest component is “buy”). The goal here is to reduce how many new resources you will use when adding an item to your wardrobe.


Buyerarchy of Needs

The Eco-Wardrobe Pyramid

While the Buyerarchy of Needs approaches sustainable shopping through the lens of eliminating wasted resources (hence buying new being the last and smallest piece), this diagram outlines five ways you can build a more sustainable wardrobe, applicable to wherever you shop. I love this because it’s an amazing, low-pressure way of dipping your toes in the world of shopping sustainably.

Whether you shop fast-fashion or not, you can still follow the first three steps! It's only when you get to the top of the pyramid that it specifically tells you to take the time and energy to buy vintage and from ethical brands.


Eco Wardrobe Pyramid


And there you go - two simple frameworks that help reshape the way we think about shopping! It’s all about baby steps and I’ll emphasize again - no pressure! Also it’s important to remember that you should never judge someone for buying retail or fast fashion because you never know their circumstances. All about being supportive in this community 💛

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